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Ngern Ma Business Co., Ltd. strives for a pace setter in the supplier industry by continuously offering the inventive and world - class quality products in order to come across your needs.  Let us discover how NGM can help guide your success.

NGM is a leading supplier of adhesives and sealants system for the automotive aftermarket and construction industry.  The organization was initially formed in 1995. NGM itself is in the lead by a professional executive team composed of directors in the functional areas of automotive, hardware, construction and business support services. In addition, our keen customer support team extremely interacts with product and customer satisfaction at all times.

As an authorized distributor of world leading products such as Dow Corning, Dow Automotive, Protite, 3M, LumiStone, Luxalon, 3 Form, Suntech and Polytron. NGM offers its range of products including Silicone Sealant, Polyurethane, Acrylic Sealant, Non-Skinning Mastic Sealant, Automotive Body Sealant, Construction Adhesive, Fire Protection, Ceiling Systems, Decoration Material and BIPV. We also provide highly skilled technical service personnel to assist customers in the use of our products that is exclusive in the industry and give them the support throughout all stages of a project.  Thus, our continually customers trust in the assistance of NGM sales representatives team is the particular most important thing which makes us pride and honor. 
In recent years, NGM sales have provided a rapid growth platform for the company. Our sales team currently markets and distributes products throughout the country and we definitely intend to have a continuous significant growth in the future.  
For further information, sample or catalogue… Just dial… Our facilities both in Bangkok and in Chiangmai are waiting to be of your service! 


NGM is an ISO9001:2000 certified company.  It is our promise that we will keep improving our service in order to deliver the most satisfaction to the customers. 

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